The world is literally burning. People are dying from disease and prejudice and pure malice. It’s a terrifying time to be alive, especially in communities that have suffered from aggressive systemic injustice since the genesis of this country. As an entire fucking human race we’re angry, we’re sad, and we’re hurting. 

Reach out to the people you love, especially those who fear for their lives every day, a terrible reality that many of us cannot even hope to understand. Ask what you can do to help. If you have the privilege of not being prosecuted for your skin color, stop being so afraid for five seconds and try to put someone else’s needs before your own. 

This week I’m featuring artists of color because they deserve to be seen & heard every day, all the time. 

Boys Should Never Cry – R.LUM.R

This is my favorite song off of R.LUM.R’s 2019 album, Surfacing. I had it on repeat in my car for months, taught myself the harmonies & even made up a few of my own. His poignant, heart-wrenching lyrics and engrossing melodic lines require you to witness culturally embedded pain, while simultaneously forcing you to enjoy the experience. 

‘Take and take, don’t complain, you’re not hurting

Tell me, no different

Train your brain, love the pain over your needs

Til’ there is no difference

All that goes to say, listen a little, cry a little, let yourself grieve for the pain the world is in. 

All In Time – Lackhoney 

Everything about Lackhoney is insightful, intellectual, poised and present. His ability to hypnotically spin words, in addition to producing, mixing, and mastering all of his tracks, makes him a formidable force coming up in the music industry. 

“All In Time,” is an ode to patience, expertly utilizing his characteristically clever flow and simplistic yet effective production. His discography is impressive, so I would recommend a deep dive into his tracks. 

I honestly wish I could add the entirety of his latest big release, SWEETS, but that would undermine playlist variety. Just do yourself a favor and go listen to the whole thing. It’s a piece of fucking genius – 30 second songs that flow together like magic, a gorgeous work of art. 

ATL Freestyle – 6LACK

6LACK’s ability to manipulate time signatures, in addition to his penetrating lyrics and recognizably auto-tuned vocals have come to define his sound. In his latest release, ATL Freestyle, he explores the way his experiences have created who he is today – sacrifices, hardship, little joys, drugs, and how success feels after a lifetime of adversity. 

‘Everything I been through is everything I am

What the fuck you think this is, think I lucked up

Still down to earth, never stuck up’