About four years ago, I saw a Tweet that read, “CBD is the O’Doul’s of weed,” and I laughed. At the time I agreed with that, but that was because the only CBD I’d had was some over-priced tincture from a vape shop. Flash forward to the big, terrifying present-day, and CBD has come a long way. 

Recently I was introduced to Perfect Plant in Nashville, and honestly next to my boyfriend and my cats, it might be the best acquaintance I’ve made. Their distribution manager Annie Ledbetter (also one of my life-changing acquaintances) opened my eyes to the complex and full world of the CBD market. There are teas, coffees, bath bombs, chocolate, and of course hot, sexy joints – you can consume it in almost any way imaginable, and I love choice when it comes to my divine substances.

As Annie showed me products, she told me that a decent dose for an adult treating any kind of significant symptom is at least 25 milligrams. She said sexy words to me like “bioavailability” and “terpenes,” and told me about where and how different strains are grown and harvested. And honestly, when a woman that smart and hot (Annie is also the star of the photos below) says things to me, I listen. 

A little about me: I suffer from an acute anxiety disorder, and recently added endometriosis to my list of torments as well. Anyone who suffers from either knows that they are crippling afflictions that render you completely useless some days. Pharmaceuticals exist that ease my symptoms, and those of other chronic disorders—but I, like many, don’t trust the long term effects or adequate testing of many man made drugs.

Personally, my favorite product from Perfect Plant is the gummies. They completely melt my anxiety, but without a too-intense high that can limit functionality like full THC products. And recently when I was up at 5am with endo pain so bad I was sobbing and begging to be taken to the hospital (I did not for fear of contracting Covid-19), after about 6 Ibuprofen, a little gummy was the only thing that calmed me and the pain enough to get back to sleep.

The world would be a better place if everyone CBD-loaded every morning. I swear. So enjoy the gallery below of images that visually explain how I feel before and after taking my new favorite thing.

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Anne and Chloe Stillwell