There are a few southern bands that haven’t reached peak name recognition nationally yet, but if you mention them in any cool bar below the Mason Dixon, people around you are probably going to yell, “I fucking love that band!” Having been busting ass touring for years, that’s quickly becoming the reaction everywhere when you talk about Banditos: the Alabama-turned-Nashville southern rock funk band from hell and heaven.

While Banditos cemented their unmistakable jangling, soulful rock sound on their debut album five years ago, the full-length they finished late last year will have some surprises for fans. While the band has always been what they call “a family band,” with all of their members contributing songs, arrangements and singing—they’ve decided for this release to center member Mary Beth Richards as a frontwoman. 

Having been a band and family for eight years, this rearrangement seems smooth, natural, and as Mary put it in our recent bathtub interview, “a more linear path.” She’s passionate when reiterating that, “The sound is everybody. The band created the sound.” But having a fixed voice and more of a focal fixture for the way the group uniquely melds together just seems right when you hear the new music. 

Like so many musicians right now, the band is pushing what they’d hoped would be a Summer release of the new record to what they now hope will be a Fall release due to Covid-19. For all who are familiar—you’ll understand—Banditos is definitely a band you want to experience live. The records are of course a perfect soundtrack to any ole day, but feeling their energy live, and getting to dance along with a tequila in your hand is a part of their notoriety and infamy. So, until we can all do that safely, we will wait with bated breath for what is sure to be a stellar new release from a kickass band.

And, as a treat, you can preview a little of what is to come below in our most recent installment of Live From Gibson Drive. Follow along with the band for updates, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Live from Gibson Drive Ep05: Banditos

LIVE FROM GIBSON DRIVEa new web-based concert series,presents:BanditosOriginally from Birmingham, AL, Banditos is a group – more like a hang, actually – of five 20-somethings, nowadays operating out of Nashville, close to, and simultaneously very far away from the gleaming towers and industry hustle of Lower Broadway and Music Row.With the rugged power of a flashy Super Chief locomotive, the Banditos’ music bodaciously appropriates elements of ‘60s blues-fused acid rock, ZZ Top’s jangly boogie, garage punk scuzz a la Burger Records, the Drive-By Truckers’ yawp, the populist choogle of CCR, Slim Harpo’s hip shake baby groove, the ebullient folk of electric Dylan, gut bucket Fat Possum hill country mojo and the Georgia Motherf**king Satellites.From backwoods bluegrass, to slinky nods, to Muscle Shoals soul and unexpected bits of doo-wop sweetness, the Banditos recall many, but sound like no one but themselvesHosted by:Mundane& Do615#dostuffathomeSound Provided by:Sonic Affair EntertainmentVideo Provided by:Gibson Drive Productions

Posted by Mundane on Thursday, May 28, 2020