The power of music lies in its ability to unite and heal. It crosses all boundaries, cultures, and viewpoints (like a certain virus we have all come to know & love). It is the closest we can get to higher universal knowledge. In the face of the most significant global crisis in many years, it’s hard to stay calm and maintain healthy habits, but it is my firm belief that music is medicine.

I am bringing this playlist to you as my gift in a time of need. Hopefully it will help you find some peace. 

I Know How You Get – Mk.Gee

It’s easy to get lost right now. Things that used to seem accessible and joyful seem separate from current reality.

This song is a little reminder of simplicity, a nostalgic, driving beat reminiscent of drives on the coast, lyrics about learning someone new. This is here if you need something a bit lighter. 

Little ThingsVasser

One of my personal favorite songs since its release in 2017, this song is like a safe place to rest. Minimal production perfectly complements lyrics that hit somewhere deep in your chest.

A call to action, tying karmic consequences to current action – “I can’t go on like this, breaking apart at the little things” – and the liberation of allowing reality, however difficult it may be to handle, to exist. 

Coming ApartJoywave

Off of their new album, Joywave’s new tracks hit hard – not just in the musical department.

This song is essentially calling out our culture for toxic qualities – an “age made for the stupid and numb” leading to “a malaise that could block out the sun” resulting in it all “coming apart.”

A necessary message, it comes on top of a beat that makes you want to dance all of your angst out (in the privacy of your own home plz & thanks folks), which makes the lyrics somewhat easier to digest.