This week we’re feeling nostalgic. The intention is not to get lost, but to remember the things we have loved, and to bring them forward with us into whatever future we may be building for ourselves. 

It’s not easy to have faith in the process. That maybe all of this is intentional and necessary, and maybe we’ll all come out of this better – a bit more loving & vulnerable. This week’s What We’re Spinning is like reading a favorite book, so give yourself a break from all that angst and listen. 

My Girl – Oshi

This song reminds me of summer. The warmth of your car seat toasting in the sun, cocooning you as you drive for hours, choosing to live fully in each moment as the wind gets a little too aggressive with your hair. Close your eyes, lean your head back, Jesus take the wheel, etc. etc. 

I think we all took autonomy like that for granted, but it’s nice to live vicariously through Oshi’s minimalistic yet affective production. His ability to play with beat patterns is extremely powerful – it pulls your heartbeat with each change, your emotions following suit. I haven’t felt excitement co-existing with deep peace like that for months. 

Leader Of The Delinquents – Kid Cudi

Did anyone else miss him? It’s been so long, Cudders. Maybe my perception of time is just way off. Either way, he truly had to “smack ‘em with some shit before the world ends.” Like many artists during this time, he’s denouncing the desperate scramble for “fame and loneliness, the recipe for disaster.”

He’s calling us out for the constant, manic production our culture has come to require of its citizens. 

I won’t stop ’til I’m where I wanna be in line

And there’s so many things to do in the in-between time

That’s to say I don’t get lost and lose my fuckin’ mind

The world is screaming for you to sit, to listen, to feel, to open. Wake the fuck up. 

Bedford Falls – Ford

This song takes me back to winter of 2018. The old-time soundtrack sampling is masterfully done, the beat mesmerizing and melodic, the piano repetitive and hypnotizing. Music like this doesn’t need words. It’s peace, infinity, and the sound of rain wrapped up into a perfect little package. 

This is my gift to you.  Maybe you don’t like music that makes you feel something, but that ain’t my problem. Music is what keeps me going, and I hope it will give you the same.