Happy holidaze, y’all! Even though 420 is a holiday enthusiastically celebrated by teenagers escaping reality and corrupting their most innocent friends, passing around dented-in Coke cans and apples filled with mids, we say 420 is actually for the big kids.

Obviously, if you don’t toke, that’s groovy too. But for all you grown-ups who dig the devil’s lettuce, today is your fuckin’ day too. It’s a drug that wants you to kick back, relax and “girl, put your records on.” So move over kids, this holiday is for the adults at the table smoking the best garden varietals; those of us who actually remember when that song came out.

Whether your blunt runneth over with flower, or just a dab’ll do ya, we support everyone getting to indulge in the hazy joy of being a little spaced out today (and always). There’s no better time than this present sheltering-at-home hell to kick your shoes off, throw on some glitter and puff puff pass—back to yourself. 

We love you, have a safe and merry 420.


Photos courtesy of Chloe Stillwell and Robby Moore