Photo credit: Steve Rochette

New Jersey based alternative hip-hop artist Brandon Sea released his latest single, “Poison” via Equity Distribution and he talks about a time when he lost control due to a toxic lifestyle. 

Brandon Sea is a 22 year old artist who began his music career in 2019 coming out of New Jersey. Originally touting intricate rhyme schemes that were featured on his year old debut EP “WAVES”, Brandon Sea has recently grown into more of a mature artist. 

His love for hip hop and art in general, though is quite dated.

“I got into music in art the second I heard “Regulators” by Warren G and Nate Dogg on my uncles Walkman when I was 7. 

I remember the feeling of being captivated just by the sound and poetry. Ever since then I knew I wanted to create music, but more than anything just create.”

Although still early in his career, Brandon Sea is a captivating talent to watch. 

Discussing the track Brandon states, “I wrote ‘Poison’ during a period of my life where I was just indulging too much. I was heartbroken from a previous relationship and searching for an outlet to ease that pain. 

It was a VERY dark time. I was giving myself these things that would make me feel worse about myself in hopes that it would make me feel good. It didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, so I wrote a song about it.

It’s detailing addiction, loneliness, and depression in such a simple format that anyone in any mood can hear it and draw something from it. That’s the way I intended it to be.”

Brandon tells us he tends to draw inspiration for his storytelling from his own “walks of life. I write about the shit I’m going through. If I’m happy, I’ll write something happy. If I’m broken, I’ll write about it. It’s such personal and vulnerable music that I create. 

Of course I still have those gritty rhymes, but I don’t think it’s the time for those right now. I want to show the world what I feel and how my life is going.”

He also doesn’t want to be a copycat. 

“I don’t copy others. I never will and never have. I am the one who creates my own styles and aesthetics. It’s a part of the art and I will always be proud of that. Being an individual is something you don’t see too often. 

Of course I have those people saying “You sound like him!” or “You sound like that!” but nah. I never sound like anyone because I mold original prints and create my own sounds. I’ll never be someone other than my own self. “

When we ask him about what the future is looking like for him, he replies:

“I have a saying when it comes to my future: “It’s ironic that my dreams are the things that keep me from sleeping.” That’s like a moment of recognition where like, I can’t fail. Shit is do or die.”