In his self produced and written new single, set to release on March 31st, Trans Day Of Visibility, ‘Redefined’ celebrates the power of being queer, and how his loved ones have arrived him at an ever growing sureness; a reclamation of himself. This cathartic pop anthem is a ‘lay down your weapons’ call to action, and the action is -love yourself. With lyrics like ” I wanna drive with you right through the south screaming out ‘come on try to hurt me now’ ” this song is destined to make waves with it’s fitting release date. JASPER is a long way from the small conservative suburb called Pearl River where he grew up. Fresh to LA this artist, producer, engineer and songwriter is ready to make his mark on the queer community, and has high hopes he can garner a little more understanding from outside of it.

“I think an experience all queer people have in common is that first time meeting someone they finally felt completely understood by, which they probably thought on some level would never happen. It’s about that moment we get to take all the shitty things we’ve been taught about ourselves and look at them for the first time and have someone validate the fact that those things aren’t true. It’s a rebirth into our most confident, queer selves.”