Not many music artists grow up on a farm. Not many farm dwellers become music artists. But 23-year-old AshOlsen isn’t your average music artist. After releasing her debut EP ‘ASHY’ last year, she was nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at Norwegian Grammy’s and P3 Gull. 

Her voice, both when she flows and when she talks, has a very low pitch, but of which she is, again, proud. People can’t always tell if it’s a woman or a man speaking, she says, and that ambiguity appeals to her. Ash Olsen is now getting ready to show a new side to her music, with a blend of hard bass hip-hop tracks and mellow sing-alongs. Ash has been named one of the most interesting artists in the Norwegian scene by several Norwegian papers, and she is now ready to meet an international music scene.

Tell us the story behind THE JUICE. How did you come up with that? It was just me and Malte messin around in the studio. We caught a vibe that we hadn’t tried out yet. I just hopped on the mic; said whatever came to mind and then I just went from what stuck with me. 

How do you feel about the Norwegian and northern european Hip Hop scene? Tbh I don’t know too much about it but, what I do know is that the level is getting up there. I don’t really listen to European music cause I’ve just personally always been more into English. I’ve heard some songs recently that’s fire! 

What inspires your lyrics and storytelling? 

Mostly just my life, but I do like to exaggerate and be dramatic sometimes when I’m really going in haha. There’s always truth in what I say. 

How did you get into Hip Hop to begin with? 

I used to skateboard when I was younger. That’s where I was introduced to Hip Hop. One day I just randomly tried rapping a song I loved and I ended up never stopping. 

You take pride in your low register.Do you think keeping an aura of mystery around your identity, gender or however you want to see it is part of your act? Not at all part of an act. I honestly don’t know how to be something I’m not. I do wish I wasn’t like that all the time cause it could be destructive somehow. What’s the hip hop track artist or line that influenced you the most? I was extremely inspired by XXXTentacion. He kinda of opened the door to the whole singing thing for me, which has been a game changer in creating.