“We are two sisters, dreamers, and soul searchers. We are drawn to beauty and love. The beauty and love we find in people, nature and the entire world. Forever a wanderer, a beauty seeker drifting deep in our thoughts.”

Tell us your story

 Already as children, Sigrun and I created different magazines together, with written stories, thoughts and poems, cutting out images from other magazines etc, so maybe the foundation stone for C-Heads was already laid back then. In 2006 we sat together with a friend and just decided to create an online magazine, as it was something new at that time.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Actually, especially in current times, C-Heads has turned into something like a „time out zone“. A time in which one can consciously deal with the beautiful things of life. Art, music, photography – everything that makes the soul happy and shows that in spite of everything there is an incredible amount of beautiful things in the world.

What is your least favorite part about the fashion/media scene today?

The complete commercialization of everything. Everything, and we really mean everything is aimed at selling and maximizing profits. Actually there is good marketing behind almost every good intention and in the end it is all about selling, opening up a new market and making a profit. At the expense of workers, nature, animals, and ethics.

What is your advice for young creatives?

Even if that has been said many times, stay true to yourself. Do what your heart tells you to do. And trust your gut instincts. But also be willing to work hard. Accept that work doesn’t always mean or has to be fun. And sometimes the journey is the goal.

Tell us about your work as an entrepreneur and publisher

 The work is very varied and you always deal with a wide variety of people. The nice thing is that you always work with people who love exactly what you love yourself.

What inspired you to start C-Heads?

As mentioned before, even as children we were already enthusiastic about everything that has to do with art. And we were always creating something, such as painting, writing, taking photographs. At that time there was also no internet or computer or cell phone. It was a different time and the imagination sprang from what one had.

What are your plans for the near future?

We are currently working on the new print edition which will be released latest at the end of this year. Working on it has been so much fun so far already and we are exciting and can’t wait to hold it printed in our hands.