Last time we spoke with Chaz Cardigan we were right at the beginning of this seemingly-endless pandemic and he told us that “people are going to have a lot of emotional unpacking to do.” 

Fast forward a few months and Chaz’s prediction holds true.  

You have to create space to be a person so your artistic output means something. I’m terrified that when we readjust to the new normal after this, people aren’t going to learn from this experience. I think it’s already started.” He then added.

With Vulnerabilia which came out in February 2020, Chaz bravely highlighted his own insecurities, internal chaos and panic disorder and molded them into high-energy and beautifully nuanced alternative pop hits. 

“All of the songs are about looking back on old memories and re-contextualizing them, seeing everything in a new light now that I know myself better and I’m way more secure in who I am,” says Chaz, who today released his new eight-track EP, Holograma, as well as an official video for the track “Losing Touch.”

The clip is the final chapter of a quadrilogy of videos Chaz made with Haoyan of America (Crumb, Cautious Clay) to offer an extra visual layer to his art which provides a whole other level of storytelling and glues the audience to the screen.

In the dizzying new clip, Chaz is a hologram and you can see him perform in the same scenery and environment you peeked at in the videos for “Everything’s Wrong” and “Middle of the Road.”

The song was actually inspired by a dream. “This has never happened to me before, but the chorus and the pre-chorus to that song were actually written in my dream,” says Chaz. 

“I woke up in this half-awake state and did a voice memo, and it became a song about losing touch with someone who used to be like family to me.”

Chaz is one of our favorite artists and he keeps dropping our jaws to the damn ground with his unique and provocative songwriting. 

The way he incorporates complementary art forms and visuals such as the trippy and hip holographic representation of himself in the “Losing Touch” video, makes him one of those musicians who not only knows how to extricate their inner turmoil and turn it into sardonic yet hard-hitting art but also one of the few brave singer-songwriters who are not afraid to take a risk.

Listen to “Holograma” HERE 

Photography: Joelle Grace