your hands is Johannes Brandstrup. The 26-year-old independent musician and singer from the town of Viborg, Denmark is introducing his musical output with the release of ‘Floating’ – a worry free debut single that embraces the elegance in classical pop songwriting mixed with the peculiarities of indie.

The song’s whistling theme sets the tone for an artist whose Nordic roots are instantly present in a soundscape full of coziness, charm and a whimsical finesse. But the seemingly naïve melody won’t slip through your hands… 

The lyric of ‘Floating’ is like a mood board of emotions – a colorful insight into the small, yet significant surprises that make your everyday meaningful when you choose to raise your head to look up and out.

“This song is made out of waves of sudden, intuitive decisions. I hope it’ll create the feeling of riding your bicycle on a sunny day with absolutely no plans but to follow the road, wherever it may take you and your spinning wheels. ‘Floating’ is the shape of carefree happiness – a surrender to a life of ease,” Johannes Brandstrup says.