Global R&B artist Matt B has released his new song “I’m Here With You”  via Vitae Records. The track’s soulful soundscape encapsulates a timeless representation of love and commitment in its purest form, a common theme within Matt’s music as he focuses on love-driven R&B that speaks to appreciating the love in your life. An ode to his dedicated fanbase and accompanied by a retro-shot video directed by PhillyFlyBoy (The Game, T.I., Kevin Gates, Jacob Latimore), “I’m Here With You” puts a spotlight on Matt’s stunning vocals over a heart-thumping beat and flurry of guitar plucking.

Further encompassed in the music video, “I’m Here With You” puts an emphasis on how important quality time is within a relationship. Matt explains, “I wanted to portray that everyday relationship feel. When you’re just relaxing with the one you love before you go to bed, when you’re eating dinner, watching tv, or cooking in the kitchen. People say long term relationships are boring and safe. I find them to be a representation of security.” 

“Lately there has been a longing for genuine love, that love that lasts forever. So I thought about how best to interpret that,” confesses Matt. “When that puppy love fades, you’re with the person you love because you choose to be there. Nothing they could say or do is truly keeping you there other than a deep profound love, agape love. That can be expressed in many different ways, but I find that one of the best ways is one’s undivided attention and physical presence. When that level of support is manifested into reality, the phrase ‘I’m Here With You along with variations of that phrase is often used. I’m going to be here with you through your hurt. I’m going to be here with you through that scary health crisis. I’m going to be here with you through life. So the phrase ‘I’m Here With You’ just seemed like the perfect title.”