insta: @fleshbvnny + @thegrlsnextdoorespresso

twitter: @sorrygemma 

onlyfans: @gemma.jane 

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

As an artist, I’m interested in truth. 

my body’s truth, sharing the truths of a community, or performing a temporary truth.

Because of that, I think a constant in my work is my acceptance of change. Art is always evolving. I chase that.

What is your story as an artist? influences, inspirations, and icons?

I’m a very kinesthetic sort of learner. art for me usually comes as an action. I find a lot of inspiration and meaning in movement. The naked figure is the ultimate tool for expression. 

artistic icons that i admire are: anne imhof, björk, elias bender rønnenfelt, louise glück, and michaela stark

Photography @dinersiren

Interview @luca_difabio_music

Graphic Design @dianaflynn_

What was your initiation to the kind of spicy content you do?

throughout my whole life, I’ve taken nude photos of myself. not even always in a sexual way. but as a way to understand myself. 

So as a teenager, I found the deep dark web of tumblr. I began selling photos there and got scammed a lot. I got really frustrated and sort of abandoned that side of myself that really loved being seen. I became a landscaper. then worked at a juice bar. and then i became a *regular* barista. During this time, I met a friend who started doing bikini coffee. She was this mystical, gorgeous, long limbed Venezuelan woman. 

She was a totally different breed of human to me. She made the job seem so glamorous. I reached out and she told me all about bikini coffee culture and connected me with someone who could get me hired. After that first week of work, I got addicted to the lifestyle. That part of me that got pushed to the side re-emerged. and I haven’t turned back since. creating onlyfans content was a side effect that’s led me to the position I’m in now. 

What is your definition of sexuality to you, especially now that sexual and sensual content reached mainstream popularity?

I think conceptually, it’s so lovely that sensual content has reached mainstream. but as a person who relies on sw for a living, it has its ups and downs. from a business standpoint, it’s really hard to make consistent income as a swer in 2023. as an effect from the new mainstream media popularity, there are more hoops than ever to jump through. swers are being pushed out of all the platforms that have become essential to survival. Because of this, online sexuality is forced to be portrayed in a certain, and very limiting way. 

It’s really interesting the way that language, specifically, has adapted to this. There are so many abbreviations, misspellings, and censorships that emerge every year as a way to bend around community guidelines. It’s a very stubborn form of art to me that is both hilarious and tragic. 

What’s the role that sexuality plays in your personal life?

To me sexuality is something that is layered. and something to be analyzed through many different lenses. it’s this elusive, slippery thing that I can never really pin down. it changes based on its context. its environment. 

A tool that really helps me nail it down is exploration without judgment. If there’s something I want to try, I’m not afraid to ask for it. 

Sexual exploration is really important to me of course. but also, in a lot of ways, it’s not a huge deal. it’s lost that sense of taboo. As Mary Oliver once said – “I just let the soft animal of my body love what it loves.”

and lastly, there are certain things that i like to keep sacred. some things are just for me, or for me and a partner to share. 

What is your relationship with your fans and followers?

I think more than anything, I serve in a sort of therapeutic role to my clients. It’s the kind of work I do that I find most fascinating and most rewarding. but it wasn’t always that way. In my field, I’ve found that there’s this scale of “provider authenticity”. it slides from total fantasy to an authentic “self”. I think for safety and separation shake — most providers tend to err on the side of fantasy. I tried that, and it actually made my personal life a lot harder to return to. This has led me to be more selective about who I allow to enter my sphere. The clients I do keep around, experience an authentic part of myself that is deeply interested in kink, gender, and human desire / fear / pleasure. There are some fans I talk to every single day. We swap books and I know their pet’s names and favorite foods by heart. they are just as much a part of my life as I am theirs. I am so much more interested in fans and followers as people rather than transactional customers. 

But don’t get me wrong! I have those sorts of relationships too. and they can be downright wonderful. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. but when the conditions are right —I treasure the work that goes beyond that. 

I think it needs to be noted however that I’m open to this dynamic evolving and changing over time in whatever way it works best. I want to enjoy my job. and I do, because of the way I’ve molded it to complement my natural personality and only allow people in who respect me. 

What are your views on modern dating? ENM, polyamory, and different kinds of relationships?

To be honest, I don’t think ENM is an appropriate term for non-monogamy. To me, it implies that non-monogamy is inherently unethical. we should just call it NM ☻ 

My belief on relationships is that you should practice whatever feels good to you. as long as there is consent, communication, and respect. The other details come second, such as what gender, how many partners, etc.

I have had both polyamorous and monogamous relationships in my life. Right now, polyamory is what works for me. I have multiple partners at the moment. and I’m loving it. Each relationship has its own rhythm and dynamic. you’ll hear me say this sort of thing a lot, but the way I approach dating could totally change someday! I’m a very open person and it’s natural for me to embrace new habits and ideas as they come. 

Do you have any daily routines or specific things you do often to keep yourself grounded, inspired, and motivated?

what keeps me grounded: consuming (books, music, art)

what gets me inspired: movement (dance, travel) and trying new things alone

what helps me stay motivated: body care, looking at my bank account, new connections, little treats