With roots in Chicago and influences from Elliott Smith and Radiohead, Leezy has cemented herself into the dark pop girl persona. Accumulating over 268k on TikTok and almost 30k monthly listeners on Spotify, Leezy is only at the beginning stages of her journey of influencing young women through her music. Now pursuing music full-time, Leezy’s debut album, Metanoia

“The shoot for Monsters Are Waiting was spontaneous, and I shot it with a phenomenal director named Sabrina Lassegue in just one day while I was visiting Los Angeles.

I wanted the video to feel very childlike and free. The open fields, the beach, the sky, the all-white outfit, with some dark undertones (the dark room with neon lights, the hands grabbing at my clothes, the black dress) are meant to symbolize the meaning of the song, which is about losing your innocence and wishing you could save your younger self from the hurt that comes with the trials and tribulations of growing up. 

The underwater white dress shots later in the video symbolize that loss of innocence. My older self watches as it happens, and in the end, I realize there’s nothing I can do, and nothing I could have done, creating some semblance of an unsettling resolve.”