Dallas’ Dreamy Pop sensation, Carley Bearden releases love song, “Lost in the Summer.” Released on September 10, the single is available on all digital platforms. “I’m happy to be a part of launching a career of an artist like Carley, not only because I feel she’s an extraordinary talent, but also I’m a fan of her music, from the moment I heard her song on her Instagram page, I knew I needed to work with her. I feel her sound is the next big sound, I look forward to this journey,” says Electric Republic Chancellor, Jacob York. 

Carley has been writing since she was 15 and began learning Guitar and Piano by ear when she was younger. In a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, Carley lists heavy influence from Stevie Nicks to multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana, to Mac Miller. “He changed my life, I wish I was able to tell him that in person,” Carley reminisced about Mac Miller in the interview. “That dude changed my life. When I’m stuck on writing music, I always write on Mac instrumentals. He had one saying: “nothing in my wallet, just a lot of dreamin’.” 

A passionate LGBTQ+ advocate, Bearden told the Dallas Observer her Christian upbringing also played a big role in shaping who she is today. As a Christian and as a member of the LGBTQ community, she believes that God’s love is unconditional. “2020 is crazy, a lot of stuff has happened. A lot of things have awoken, that should’ve been many years ago. I’ma do my part for my community: stand up and not take…from anyone. Keep a smile on your face while you don’t take…, that’s what I live by,” Carley states.

How did you become an artist? 

I became an artist simply because I experienced/ experience  an overload of emotions and didn’t know exactly how to express them. I was surrounded, and continue to be surrounded by individuals who use different creative outlets to express themselves & help decompress when anxious/ stressed out or worried. When I’m happy I write, when I’m sad I write. When I feel nothing, I write. Music is an outlet to so many things for me and becoming someone who creates this outlet feels very natural.

How do you think this record is different from your past ones?

I think this record is different because it’s raw. Lost In The Summer was written at the beginning of quarantine and I remember sitting outside in the middle of the night with my guitar. The world was silent and it felt almost normal. So I created this imagery of my happy place being in this environment and was able to write this song. It’s just real emotion and I’ll never forget the day I wrote it, where I was, the situation, the time, the weather outside. Something I’ll always remember!

Favorite track on the record and why?

I think my most favorite track to date would be Lost In The Summer or some of the new projects I’m working on. I have a song called Milky Way that is unreleased and it bounces directly off of the emotions felt in Lost In The Summer. It’s about going to your happy place with someone you love. I also really struggle with expressing myself, so I imagined taking my love to the Milky Way and just simply looking at it. That would explain how I feel about her.

Any funny anecdotes from the time you were recording or writing the album?

I think a memory I’ll never forget was the fact I wrote Milky Way, that’s unreleased, on Instagram live. I literally asked someone to comment a word, and someone said “galaxy.” From that, I got Milky Way and literally wrote the song in 5 minutes. I was immediately inspired from someone I’ve never met on Instagram live.

What are the dynamics within the band? Who writes the lyrics, who’s in charge of arranging the tunes etc?

My dynamics are simple. I write the lyrics and take them into the studio , my producers Natty and SPCMN ask me how I feel and the vibe the production needs to be. They usually whip out the electric or acoustic guitar and we track vocals ontop of the production- then the magic happens. All of the production digitally is built after that with those two boys. And BOOM! A masterpiece is made.

What’s a record that shaped your creativity?

 A record that shaped my creativity was definitely my song WHEN IM WASTED. Totally out of my comfort zone and vibe but I have two friends on it who both creatively and individually made the record what it was. It was one of those songs that was just a vibe and we just kept moving with it. 

Who is an artist or band you look up to these days?

 The person that comes to mind immediately is mac miller. I know everything about the man. His story, his tone , his eyes , inspire the hell out of me. He’s not necessarily a rapper or a singer. He’s all of the above and covers so many different dynamics within his music and every time I hear him I’m inspired. His imagery is absolutely insane and his mentality taught me a lot of important rules I follow til this day. Rest In Peace , Malcolm. 

Any future projects?

MANY future projects. Working with so many creatives and wonderful spirits who all have the same end goal is very important to me, and I’m surrounded by them . I’m in a very peaceful season of life right now and with that, comes creativity. There’s many projects in the works.

What does music mean to you?

I can’t exactly explain what music means to me. It’s given me a serious purpose, not just personally but with this I’ve chosen to use my music to help inspire and Impact others the way I’ve been Inspired by others. Life is crazy and the world is dark. Find your passion and niche and ride it. Mine just happens to be music, my first love. The one thing I really truly feel I’m good at . And I will ride this wave forever.

 How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

I would describe my sound as a warm cup of coffee in the morning after a rough night previously. Does that make sense? Like it’s refreshing and new and I always make sure my music sets a tone and a vibe that is raw and vulnerable. I take coffee very seriously therefor this is my comparison lol. Other than that, it’s just different. I want people to feel like they can float on a cloud and listen to it, drink coffee or tea to it, chill with their friends to it, take a few shots to it , party to it. Create to it! It’s really just ME. And me is emotional and deep , yet positive and bright!