Nashvillians are well aware of them. Americans have danced to their music for about a decade now. Even Europeans have seen them strutting around the old continent blasting out their hot blend of classic rock, bluegrass, traditional country, and hillbilly psychedelia from venue to venue. 

They might have changed their name, but their style is uber cool and their music is as hot as ever and today ferocious trio DeeOhDee, formerly known as Blackfoot Gypsies releases their latest video, appropriately called ‘New Way Of Life.’

Shot and directed by Marti Rhea

We had a change to ask the lads (Matthew Paige, Zack Murphy and Dylan Whitlow) about their recent rebrand and their new music and plans for 2021

How come you changed your name?

Zack – We had debated it for quite a while. I felt that initially the name kinda pigeonholed us a bit. While we could live in the smaller world that we were in, we want to thrive in the big world and play any kind of music we feel in our souls.

As Dolly Parton said when she changed the name of The Dixie Stampede – “if the old chosen name bothers anybody, I’m happy to change it”.  We’re here to bring good times to everyone.  So – changing and evolving is a good thing.  We were happy playing as Blackfoot Gypsies but if that name wasn’t fun and exciting to everyone – it’s easy to fix.

Matthew – After 10 years of traveling America and Europe, we eventually encountered enough hang ups on the name that it was a simple fix. We’re here to play music and spread positive vibrations, not unintentionally rub folks the wrong way with just our name. We eagerly wanted a fresh start as well, so this was the time to do it! Plus, dogs are rad. 

What is the new release about?

Matthew –  “New Way of Life” is about how you adjust your way of looking at everything after you lose something or someone. You tend to cherish every detail of a day once someone is taken from you.

Why does it take such an experience to truly start appreciating your friends, family, and lovers the way they should be? Anyone who’s lost someone can attest that the first day of waking up with that person gone, is certainly a new way of life. And hopefully it will change you for the better.

Zack – I couldn’t agree with Matthew any more. Us humans have been put through the ringer lately, but it’s still up to us to change things for the better and it’s definitely possible. There’s no time like now so let’s make it fun.

Dylan – The new release is about living life to the fullest even when shit hits the fan. In this case, when you lose a friend too soon. 

What are your plans for 2021?

Matthew – We’re going to release several singles and videos to accompany the roll out of our full length LP. We will release it on vinyl and have some limited 45 pressings available later. 

Once we can hit the road, we will do just that, and hopefully tour all of America and get back to Europe and the UK. We’ll consistently be delivering content, art and footage from our travels and hopefully get to tour with some of our friends bands as well. 

What a glorious reunion it’ll be. Can’t wait to see all our friends from around the world! 

Zack – We’re already the best rock n roll band in the world. 2021 is the year the world starts to take notice.

Dylan – Put out our debut record as Dee Oh Gee. Play shows however and wherever possible. Hopefully get a dollar raise at my garden center job!

Photography: Marti Rhea