“The anti cookie cutter cohesive.”Here’s how 20 years old exciting new artist Noah Cunane defines his own music. And who can blame him?

Today his catalogue welcomes a new arrival: a new hot track titled ‘Fuck About It”

“FAI is definitely one of the most fun songs I’ve ever made. It’s a song where I completely let loose and went crazy. The energy in the studio was great, we were jumping around and I ended up recording it with my shirt off. Being able to scream at the top of your lungs creates a whole other vibe in the studio. 

We just wanted to make a toxic song for when you’re in a super toxic relationship where whenever you have problems, you guys know that you’re toxic and just accept that it’s messed up.This is probably one of the most punk songs I made. It felt so good to completely just let loose and pull out all my punk roots and put it into a song. “

His musical upbringing alone is as far away from the ordinary as it gets. At a mere 15-years-old, he made the move, alone, to China for a pop star training camp, and joined pop group C5. 

It was there he exteriorized his work ethic and cut his teeth in the music industry; performing on Chinese television, appearing on talk shows, recording, and ultimately returning to the States with the newfound wisdom that he wanted his music to be solely his own. 

Upon arrival in the States, Noah began songwriting and started attracting a following on the app YouNow. Sometimes ‘going live’ for 7 hours a day, Noah was able to leave his day job and eventually visit Los Angeles with the money earned from live-streaming. 

Noah’s music started to make waves as he generated hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays under the name of Sachi, ultimately changing to Noah Cunane as he found his footing in the music scene. 

Though there’s a moment in his career which turned everything around.

“The biggest turning point was when I moved to New York and met Roy Lenzo (who produced Lil Nas X) and made my first song ‘Lips.’ That’s how I ended up meeting my manager Nick. Once I started working with him, I moved to LA and my whole life changed from there.”

His sound is the perfect marriage between pop, punk and hip hop.

“Some of my musical heroes go from XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Nirvana, Juice WRLD, to Green Day, Blink 182 and All American Rejects. Most of them are more punk rock which I grew up listening to. With X and Lil Peep,  I love how much emotion they put into his music. I try to take from all their artists and combine into my own style.”

As buzz reached a boiling point, Noah landed a deal with 300 Entertainment and closed out 2019 with “Medicine,” an intoxicating single with confessional lyrics, hypnotic vocals and a faint guitar that ties everything together. 

The future is bright for this young promising artist and his hope is to keep putting songs out and a project later this year with a lot more awesome content. I just want to keep organically growing as an artist and person. And whenever shows happen again, I can’t wait to go on tour and have a good time.”