Our conversation with audiovisual/absurdist glam rock act BabyFuzZ jumped from reminiscing about taking acid for the first time at a baseball game, watching Madonna do yoga during a recording session and witnessing Lana Del Rey play almost empty rooms in NYC. 

But let’s take a step back and put some order to the conversational flow.

First of all, BabyFuzZ is the alter ego of Sterling Fox, a producer, songwriter, ghost writer, gamer and God knows what else! His latest release is the single ‘Weekend Blues’ which anticipates his sophomore project ‘Welcome to the future’, due next fall.

The single followed the first tune from his upcoming album called ‘Acid Night’. Which brings us to the infamous acid trip that spiraled into an omonimous song.

“It was my first time taking acid – Sterling confesses to Mundane – and deciding to head to a Dodgers game certainly wasn’t a great idea!”

Sounds about right! 

Musically influenced by mariachi and pop sonorities, “Weekend Blues,” served as a musical appetizer for the main course that is “Welcome To The Future”. Sterling describes it as a concept album relevant to a dystopian America, currently immersed in a pandemic amidst a cultural crisis. 

Sterling retreated to Canada soon after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and abandoned his stellar career in the music industry to spend a whole year in almost complete isolation. Upon coming back to Los Angeles, his perspective had drastically changed.

“BIg labels these days are not in dire need of ghost writers as they used to”, he explains. “With the explosion of digital media and the internet, emerging artists can curate their own music and image from start to finish and build a solid fan base that way.”

“Label sign artists that already have some sort of following and online presence and in most cases such artists are amazing songwriters. Think of Billie Elish!”

Reemerging on the scene as BabyFuzZ in 2018, Sterling released a series of singles and self produced music videos which awarded him a small but loyal online fanbase.

Aesthetics and imagery are also a massive component of Baby FuzZ’s persona. 

On the first track of the record, for instance, he depicts the point of view of a lonely person who goes to a party and dissects the universe in their head instead of having fun, and is described by FuzZ as an “attempt to make a ‘Dancing Queen’ for incels.”

When we asked him about the most memorable moments in the studio working with some of the giants of pop music he casually reveals:

“I remember being in the studio with Madonna. We were supposed to write a song for her upcoming record (which ended up not even making it to the album) and before we kicked off she asked if we could excuse her for a few so she could do her yoga. That was quite a vision, I gotta tell you.”

Why is that not so hard to believe?!

Listen to “Weekend Blues” HERE and check out Baby FuzZ’s latest video “Before Our Time”