Massimo Giulliano Cretu, professionally known as giulliano, has been showing people the unbeatable evil we all live with everyday. As giulliano has said, “I believe my music can ease the evil inside us by telling a story of living and leaving evil. I want people who believe that they can’t overcome the evil in this world to feel otherwise; as if our evilness is just a figment of our imagination we can control”.

giulliano grew up with music considering the fact that he has a musical family. His mother Gabriela Nicoleta Cretu had many big names in her family growing up in Romania. Her great uncle Toader Ceja was well known in Romania for his accordion playing. Her grandpa was a famous Tuba and Upright Bass player. Now as for his fathers side, his dad grew up performing with his family singing in church and occasionally on big stages.

We asked him about his latest track ‘You Lie’


“I was inspired to make “You Lie” because of an “event” one of my family members had to go through. They were with their partner for a tremendous amount of time, but it had an aggressive end… the song clearly expresses this emotion. They (family member) were the best that their ex-partner was going to experience. Their ex would realize this when they would have to lie to themselves that my family member was the worst, to make themselves feel more powerful”.

“This story is incredible because it shows how a good person, the best person, can make someone become the worst creature. A creature seeking revenge because they don’t have love anymore…”

“I wrote this song to empower my sense of weakness into strength. I taught myself that tears are power, but maybe confidence and growth is more powerful…”