Alivenique is the new conceptual brainchild of the musical and visual artist Ali  Beletic. Self-described as a “meta-pop-art musical project”, it delves into her  unique take on artistic vanguardism, hyper mixing a vast sonic and visual sensual  assualt, digging into cinematic narratives alongside post-genre feminine meme able moments, yet deeply underneath translating a pluralist sincerist invitation.  

From the outset of her career as an artist and musician, Ali has rebelled against  convention, juxtaposing editorial, personal narrative and vanguardism. She  produces music, as well as sculpture, environmental works and paintings in  conversation with both the music world and the art world as a representation for  us to experience, dialogue and celebrate our shared, pluralist and global lineages  of humanity. Utilizing the canvas and context of the music world to create an  atmosphere and spirit where we can broadly dialogue between a more modern  “self-aware” and informed version of ourselves, and a deeper, more latent archaic  sense of humanity that is intertwined with the natural world.

“Year of the Statement is certainly a turning to a pop-art perspective in music. There are less female producers in the modern pop beat and production space and I thought my musicality and my senses of modern femininity and extroversion could be expressive and influential in contributing to a new global art-wise vibrant sound.”

“There are many narratives in the record…stories of dancefloors, late night studying in Paris, Brazilian loft parties, inheriting the artistic history in NY, love stories, racing motorcycles in the desert, and so on.  The goal was to tell personal narrative stories, but not just as the author, also so the audience can be the protagonist, and share in the experiences and the storytelling – sonically and viscerally as well.”