Beau debuted their debut self-titled album in 2015 and immediately became critics darlings being noticed in NME, The New York Times, Paper Magazine, Noisey, W Magazine, Vanity Fair, and i-D, among others. They all but went underground after that time to regroup and reignite, returning with a more worldly and grown-up sound, infused with the wisdom of their long friendship, life experiences and a need to step into their future in a bold new way.  That is the EP, Life Twice.

What inspired this release?

Honestly after releasing music these past few months we just figured why not keep the ball rolling. That along with our kickass team and manager believing in us. – Heather

“Life Twice has” been one of my favorite songs for a long time and it felt right to release it now. The seasons are changing and fall is coming.. this song is a little spooky so it’s perfect. – Emma

What makes this song special in your opinion?

This song has been through tides and turns to get to the place it’s at now. It was a labor of love and it took many attempts to complete. Sometimes we finish songs and feel they have reached their destination of completion, and this song is beyond there. Some songs never feel that way. That’s why it’s special. – Heather 

This song is so special because it has been through many lives. It goes between an almost haunting melody to a fun upbeat chorus. – Emma

What is the lyrical content inspired by?

I think the lyrics came from a place of having a raw desire to be loved. I often think if I put my all into someone that I will get it in return. That’s not always the case and this song was kind of about that for me. – Heather 

A very hectic relationship and kind of being lost within that difficult life. – Emma

How do you keep yourself inspired?

I stay inspired with red wine, less time on my phone and helping others. – Heather 

Traveling really inspires me and just any form of motion. I always feel encouraged to write and make melodies when I’m on a bus or in a car. – Emma

What was your first exposure to music?

My first exposure to music was a cassette tape by Jimi Hendrix on my mom’s boom box. After that I told my mom to get more and she got a tape by Dido. – Heather  

My older brother was a huge influence for me. He always had a great taste in music and had CD’s laying around the house. – Emma

What excites you about your life?

I stay excited when I think about how there’s always tomorrow. I try to stay in the present but I always give myself the joyful thought of the future and all the possibilities to come. – Heather 

I love my dogs, I love living in New York City and I love making music and looking at art. – Emma

How would you describe your style in one word?

Blatantly good. – Heather 

Comfortable – Emma

What are your next moves?

Lots. We are planning to play a release party for our EP Life Twice at Heaven Can Wait in New York City (9/16). After that we fly to LA to play a show for School Night (9/19)  and Winston House (9/21). We will also be recording our next album this October. – Heather 

To play a ton of shows and make a new record – Emma


Fri. 09/16/22 – Heaven Can Wait – New York, NY

Mon. 09/19/22 – School Night – Los Angeles, CA

Wed. 09/21/22 – Winston House – Los Angeles, CA

Wed. 11/09/22 – DC9 – Washington, DC

Fri. 11/11/22 – Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA

Sat. 11/12/22 – Cafe 939 – Boston, MA