Indie rock band, Hotel Mira are thrilled to release their new single “Fever Pitch” that is out now via Light Organ Records.

Two years on from the breakthrough success of debut album Perfectionism, Hotel Mira have reached “Fever Pitch” with a new, pop-twisting single of the same name. 

 “Fever Pitch” became a fan favorite in 2020 through singer Charlie Kerr’s series of early lockdown livestreams, but has blossomed from its intimate, acoustic roots towards a full-band affair incorporating gel-slicked guitar and thick-as-thunder drum work. Kerr’s lyrics embody the unencumbered thrill of throwing yourself headfirst into a relationship, as well as the mix of joy and terror that comes with the discovery that “true love’s a lobotomy.”


Tell us about the genesis of your project. How did you get to where you are now?

Mike: I’d known Charlie for over a decade through music, and I had my own project for a bit but my best friend/musical partner in that project tragically passed away and Charlie had serendipitously reached out around a similar time to start playing music together. A beginning covered in sadness, but here we are now! 

What is the favorite song you wrote and why? 

Charlie: It’s probably “Speaking Off The Record”. It was such a word vomit of all these things I considered shameful about myself for as long as I can remember. I really needed to get it out. And I never thought anyone would really dig it or relate to it. And then it became this thing that was way more universal than I had imagined. And doing it live with people singing along is really cathartic.

Who are your all time musical icons?

Mike: Brandon Flowers, Justin Vernon, Win Butler, Matty Healy. Strangely no bass players, lol. 

What are some things to do to keep your inspiration alive?

Charlie: I love writing and just playing with words and melody. I am always listening to music or reading or watching movies or writing sketches or screenplays or whatever. It’s kinda my favorite way to pass the time. So I guess just keeping my eyes and ears open to what is going on around me. 

Who are you binge listening to these days?

Mike: As of writing this, “Spacey Jane” from Australia is occupying a ton of my playlists 

Favorite movie or TV show?

Charlie: Boogie Nights, Do The Right Thing, Moonlight, Princess Mononoke, The Birdcage and the whole band is obsessed with “I Think You Should Leave” 

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about

Mike: We released Fever Pitch a few weeks ago and it was certainly a labour of love. Probably one of the first songs written once the pandemic shut the world down, so releasing it feels like a nice fresh start after the past two years. 

Do you have any peculiar pre or post show rituals?

Charlie: Neurotically worrying that no one will show up. I am a very anxious person and when I am about to perform I am kinda at my most useless. Someone points me to the stage and I can kinda take it from there. 

What’s the future looking like for you?

Mike: well we’re in the middle of driving to Santa Cruz in late July so the future is quite literally bright and scorching hot

Who inspires your style and aesthetics?

Charlie: Oh god. My personal style? Kristen Stewart, mostly? As a band / branding I love all the British 80’s new wave style. 

What is the achievement or moment in your career you are the most proud of and why?

Mike: we just opened for Billy Talent at Pacific Coliseum, which is an arena in our hometown of Vancouver. Charlie and I grew up listening to Billy Talent so it’s absolutely nothing short of mindblowing. 

What do you think is the best way to make it as an artist nowadays?

Charlie: Personally, I think the smartest thing you can do is give up the idea that you are ever going to feel “cool”. Just be a nerd. Dive in. Be excited about things. Stay curious. Risk getting made fun of for being the most passionate person you know. Write cool songs. Play good shows. Keep trying to improve with each release and be original! And be kind and respectful. Because I think the rejection and humiliation in the entertainment industry is so constant and horrible and inevitable that you just gotta lean in and believe in yourself and do whatever you can to get your music out to the people you think need to hear it. I hope that wasn’t too sincere.

What would you change in the music and entertainment industry especially after this past year?

Mike: oh man, honestly a loaded question haha. I feel at the very least, the music industry as a whole needs to find a way to make it so musicians can make a living through their music, whether it be increased streaming revenue or fairer record deals or whatnot. Also more fans need to go to live shows and buy merch and support bands they love!