20 year old Virginia-native alt/R&B artist Khi Infinite has shared his new single & video “Love For Yah,” the lead single from his new EP Take What You Need. The project represents Khi’s inner struggles with lust, love, and falling out of the light and into the darkness, then finding his way back. The EP is set for release on October 1st via APG.

“’Love For Yah’ I wrote when I was at this really weird place in my life and relationships with people,” says Khi on the track. “I was working a lot and felt myself feeling alone and secluded from the people I love the most. Always being on the road and in the studio can cause you to grow distant, so this track was really about making an effort to connect. Picking up the phone and telling my family I love them. Telling my friends I love them.”

“This project represents my inner struggles with lust, love and falling out of the light and into the darkness, then finding my way back. I took what i needed whether it was drugs, friendships, money, sex, fear, and happiness and turned it into my greatest lesson, which was to take life as it comes, flow with ease and rest assured the universe will take care of the rest. Taking what you need is the absolute meaning that good or bad exists only what is and that all we create on this physical plane is our infinite perception, we are mirrors of each other’s struggles so we fight to find a difference which ultimately leads to chaos and confusion. If you know yourself and proceed with flow all true blessings shall be seen, clear of any doubt ego might bring you.” -Khi Infinite