Inspired by the divine feminine, gothic and antique imagery, dark fantasy and the fecundity of nature, Dol Ikara brings a timely theme to this day and age of gentle strength. Created by singer – songwriter Claire Roddy and later joined by producer and multi – instrumentalist Alex Are, the band paints a soundscape infused with silvery lilts and poetic ambiguities. 

These same poetic sensibilities brought about the moniker Dol Ikara – a neologism – something phonetically beautiful to serve as a blank canvas without any preconceived notions or associations. Most recently, Dol Ikara’s music has been featured on the BBC / Netflix series Peaky Blinders. The upcoming double – single Lark / Saraph initiates the next rite of passage for the band, with debut album, Ophidia, to follow.

The two-song collection marks Dol Ikara’s first release of 2022, and comes just ahead of her upcoming placement in season 6 of Peaky Blinders, which releases globally on June 10th on Netflix.

OUR MUNDANE OPINION: Dark & haunting! Keep this on your radar!

Listen to the single HERE

“‘Lark’ is a harder edged song with softer vocals interplaying with more angular, rockier instrumentals. By contrast, ‘Saraph’ was conceptualized with a single floating note triggered on a Moog modular system, with Claire singing the entire vocal melody in a single go, eventually building into a dramatic, dynamic, anthemic track.” – Dol Ikara


Pamela Neal 
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Chris Wooden 

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The Vampire’s Wife
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