Mundane is one year old. It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for us; and we’re feeling…pessimistic.

How come that in our anniversary issue, a supposedly joyous and festive occasion, we chose a word such as pessimism as our opening act? A fair question. Allow me to explain myself, starting with an anecdote.

A few weeks back, I was sitting at a bar having a drink when someone approached my booth, sat down, and without even saying their name, said: “I swear to God if my friends don’t show up soon, I’m gonna go home and masturbate! I don’t care. They have 10 minutes, then it’s ‘me’ time!”

Quite the opening line, wouldn’t you agree? So powerful that it inspired this entire issue.

Here’s how.

Mundane was born to highlight and glorify originality. Individuality is our war cry, and all of you horny, stylish, and edgy freaks in the arts, music, and cultural community are our fabulous weapons.

However, after a whole year of roaming the creative hallways of the arts’ palaces, we realized that originality is in serious danger.

We live in a world where everything is fast. Yet we are so far from each other, no matter how much closer we get.

Technology created an unlimited collective virtual reality where we can all tell each other how sad and lonely we are in a matter of seconds. In the meantime, we are forgetting how to talk to each other in real life, and we would rather stay home and watch porn on a Friday than engage in meaningful conversation (or sexual intercourse, for that matter) with someone.

“You Are Enough.”

Well, you are not. You are not capable of anything, you are limited. We all are. That’s our power. That’s why we are starting Mundane’s second year of life with pessimism. Because it’s only by acknowledging our limits that we unleash our creative power.

From the stylish representation of our perverted relationship with technology, artificial intelligence sex toy fiascos to hair guides and outfit hit parades of the hottest murderers in history, this issue is the editorial megaphone of our new mission: fighting boredom with eccentricity.

So enough with the delusion of being enough. Enough with the positivity and the unconditional support. Let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s be provocative. Let’s embrace the abnormal instead of normalizing it.

Because at the end of the day, that’s where art comes from: discomfort.

Perhaps some of you don’t want to hear this. That’s why we wrapped it all in edgy and stylish clothes and made it look extra cool.

We might not have your support, but at least we’ll have your eyes.

Enjoy the issue,

Luca Di Fabio
Founder | Editor in Chief
Mundane Magazine

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