On December 4th, 2019 nine cities across the country woke up with a brand new piece of art. A new mural appeared today in Atlanta, Boise, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tucson, and our very own Nashville. 

The project comes from the creative minds of Pandora Music, and it’s their very unique way to celebrate the launch of a brand new update on the app which will allow visitors to point their cameras at the murals to unlock the playlist that the muralist was listening to while painting that very mural.

It’s almost like taking a glance at the creative spark that guided the artist through their artistic process, which is exactly what Pandora Music intended. The project is not only a campaign to launch a new update, but it’s also a testament of how the encounter of two different facets of art, apparently so far from each other, can enhance each other and give birth to something magical and unexpected. 

Branded Arts and its seasoned team of art curators set up and oversaw the whole campaign, and Mundane is proud to have taken over the project in Nashville, providing the endlessly talented Alexandria Hall and the walls of renowned restaurant Saint Stephen.

All Nashvillians who wish to see this amazing work of art with their own eyes will receive 15% off at Saint Stephen after showing a picture of the mural from December 4th till December 8th. 

Technology needs humanity to function and art needs creativity to thrive. Here’s to the marriage of all these things which are represented splendidly in this stunning piece of art. 

Head over to our IG @mundanemag to check out all of the behind the scenes and learn how to unlock and explore Alexandria’s playlist.