Mundane turned one year old and of course, we had to do it in style!

We haven’t been around for too long but it’s no secret that we like it loud and edgy! Our anniversary party was no exception. 

We teamed up with one of the coolest bars in town, Flamingo Cocktail Club; we joined forces with one of the most useful apps on the market, Hello Fresh and provided entertainment from two of the most creative and unique artists, Freak Daddy and our founder Luca Di Fabio

Featuring EDM and hard rock music, with appearances from photographers/videographers, models, make-up artists, singers and more, the party was nothing less than an orgy of creatives (not an actual orgy…we were pretty bummed about that too). 

Check out the photos from the release of our anniversary issue here. Maybe it’ll help you deal with FOMO.

Freak Daddy and Luca Di Fabio live @ Flamingo 11/14/2019
Photos courtesy of Sammy Joyce @d0pecinema and Rebecca Anne @blecca7