If I’m being honest, I stan this EP…and SG Lewis in general. His use of atmospheric sound layering gets me all tingly. Not to mention, he features Clairo, Honne, Ruel and Kamille (all artists also worth taking a listen to if you haven’t yet). Would recommend for long drives and Backwoods adventures (winky face emoji).

 Dancing on the People – Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker is a German-American duo, which I find ironic since a significant portion of their songs are sung in Spanish (though these lines lack any poetic structure/grace), and this album’s branding definitely seems to pull from Latin culture. Despite this, the musical lines are dope, and some songs actually make me do a stank face (the ultimate sign of bass quality). The slower tracks seem to actually have some moral and emotional value, meaning that intellectuals, bass-heads and even indie-pop fans would probably dig this album.

 Angelo Mota – My Art Is Bad

Described as “neo-rap,” 22 year old producer-rapper Angelo Mota is pioneering a sound that combines 808’s, traditional samples, and lyrical flow in a powerful and “post-ironic” message. He tackles the issues defining the experience of most 20-somethings; anxiety, depression, sex and lean through poetic lyrics and sick beats. Honestly, this album just slaps.

 Flaws – a weight off my shoulders

Off of one of my favorite labels (Bitbird), Flaws also utilizes a stunning combination of ambient guitar/synth harmonies, lofi beats, and soft, melodic vocals. If you’re an introvert, this is your album.

 Vivian Girls – Memory

This album (their first since 2011) is an ode to lo-fi pop-grunge, and I find myself loving the repetitious, fuzzy wall-of-sound more with every song. Their lyrics have remained dark and haunted, which feeds my soul in a fun, voyeuristic way. The pioneers of grrrl-y punk are back and they still got it.

All music is available for streaming on Spotify.