From ‘Spliting Image’

Photo: Jordan Kelsey Knight and Bailen Estrada

Makeup : Andreas santos and Jessica Robertson

Studio: Fab factory studios

Tell us how you came up with the idea for this editorial

Well I wanted to create something that would inspire people to bring their fashion dreams to life.. I liked the concept of it being calendar themed but wanted it to be high fashion so I decided to name each chapter after a month, and each month have a totally different style. Together with my team, we came up with the name splitting image because each month, the style is a totally new persona. 

What were some of the styling inspirations?

Well the first chapter, “Duchess of January” was inspired by English royalty through our different eras. Femme Fatale February was very Matrix inspired. Chapter 3 “M-architectural” was inspired by architecture and architectural design. And so on! I wanted the titles to flow and the whole planning took a very long time.

How did you pick the models? Any specific criteria?

Well some chapters, we used only musicians such as “Messy May.” For October, our theme was anime and so we picked models with that aesthetic.

How do you usually approach your creations? Any specific thought process?

First, I come up with the concept, make a pitch deck or treatment, think about who I’d want to work on this with me, reach out to them to see if they’d be interested and then finalize the creative idea together. 

Who are your fashion icons and heroes?

Princess Diana is one of my fashion icons. Although her style is very different from mine, I’ve always admired her mixture of posh with casual. 

How did you get into fashion to begin with?

After getting my BA at SFSU, I decided to get my diploma in Fashion Marketing. I graduated during the pandemic online and moved to LA midst pandemic. From there, I initially started off working in house as a content creator for a wig company. I would style the campaigns for them as well. Eventually, I started sending DMs to other stylists asking if I could shadow or intern from them and ended up getting assisting jobs for some great and well known stylists and eventually started getting my own clients!

What are your next steps and goals?

After getting this book published, I’m moving to Europe to hopefully further my fashion career working as a creative director for a brand or magazine that aligns with my personal style!