You guys remember Anna Mae. When we first met her that’s what we wrote about her:

“Anna Mae is the perfect example of the modern-day DIY independent artist. She grew up on a farm, listening to the music her older siblings and dad would listen to, absorbed it and when the time came for her to take off she started taking chances and collaborating with other writers and producers until her music started popping off on all of your favorite TV-shows.”

That 100% still holds true and we had the chance to learn more about her work in sync and she approaches it.

“I love more detailed and intricate arrangements for my own music but a lot of times what works for TV has to be way more direct and simple. Sometimes these two aspects align but quite often you need to focus on one or the other.”

One of my favorite ways to write is going off of a title. Whether it’s for commercials or my own artist stuff. If i’m writing for my own stuff, i might go into it like “oh this is something that i’ve been thinking about or something that i’ve been going through”. However with commercials, even right now during quarantine, you need to think about what the world is going through.

In that case, I’d come up with a title that has to do with that. For instance, the world wants to hear words of encouragement or feel like we’re all in this together so I’d write music that communicates that type of feeling. Also, since that particular music is supposed to go on a Tv show, so you need to think lyrically, as in “what lyrics would help sell this show or movie”

While her work as a professional songwriter has steadily progressed, she felt the need to dive into her personal writing a little more this time around and the end result was “Bond Girl”

“Bond Girl” is the modernization of the classic 007 icon; an anthem for women to call the shots and talk  about exactly what (and who) they want. 

“I took some time for this project because it felt like something special” Anna says

“I wanted my next project to be cohesive both musically and lyrically. Not that the others weren’t, but this time I thought perhaps having only one producer on the whole album would help so one day, in a total serendipity moment, I bumped into the owner of the house next to mine and found out he’s a producer who has a studio in the backyard!”

“We started chatting and realized we have a ton of mutual friends, like a lot of the same music and so on. So we decided to give my project a crack and we never stopped working together. It was just meant to be!

When it comes to the musical and sonic features of this upcoming record, Anna says that “instead of looking at what’s trendy right now, I went back and listened to a lot of old music. The kind of stuff that I would listen to growing up. Timeless music. The production mirrors that perfect mix of past and present I wanted to achieve: nostalgic but modern.”

Written alongside AJ Pruis (Ingrid Andress,  Maddie & Tae, etc.) and produced by Cason Cooley (American Authors, Ingrid Michaelson,  NEEDTOBREATHE, etc.), “Bond Girl” arrives alongside an iconic retro-inspired video, further showcasing strong, increasingly-fearless young women who don’t need a man’s approval, are capable of saving  themselves, and are their own heroes. This single marks the first taste of her upcoming two-part album,  due for release next Spring.