22-year-old Texas transplant Kate Lynn moved to Nashville to kick start a songwriting career and fight her lack of self-esteem and confidence which is exactly what her latest release ‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ does.

She always had trouble with bullying and self-esteem issues growing up (and was pulled out of public school and homeschooled as a result),  so overcoming her self-confidence issues and going after her dreams was a huge accomplishment for her. As it should! 

“Growing up I was labeled as different. No one in my town was really into music or anything so they would pick on me for dressing differently, acting differently and being into arts and creativity. It was really hard to endure but then I realized that those differences are really my strength!”

“Sorry For Being Sorry,” is all about those toxic relationships where we feel like we’re giving all that we have and it’s still not enough.

Writing it really helped Kate feel empowered about a bad relationship that she ended, opening her eyes to a lot of the things she allowed in her life that she won’t tolerate anymore.

Her previous release, ‘Professional’ was also designed to address such issues. “I really wanted to make people cry with that one,” Kate admits while giggling.“

The song marks a darker, more raw side of her sound and writing it helped her to realize the unhealthy patterns she was creating for herself. It was co-written by Daniella Mason (Nick Jonas) whom she had met at a show in Dallas and immediately struck a connection with and the whole thing was recorded in two takes.

“Daniella and I were talking about a relationship I was in at the moment and all the toxicness that came with it. We talked about that for about 45 minutes until I said something along the lines of ‘I just feel like I always have to be a professional at keeping everything together at all times’ and she went ‘that’s your song right there’!”

The music video for it is also an attempt to convey that striking message only from a visual perspective which is something Kate puts a lot of effort into.

“Going into my music journey, I didn’t want to address the issues and topics I experienced only through music but also through visuals. I’ve always been into fashion and aesthetics and I like to go with what I feel!”

“That’s pretty much what we did with ‘Professional’: we wanted it to be different, to stand out while still representing me and my artistic self and the song. We wanted the visuals to mirror what the song already makes you feel, only times ten!”

“I’m really excited about where I’m going with my music. “Sorry For Being Sorry” is very dear to me because of how connected I feel with myself in it. I’m getting to know a lot about myself artistically and sonically and this song feels very much like what I’ve been trying to portray with my music!”

Kate’s musical journey is only at the beginning and already promises great releases and edgy and interesting content. You may wanna keep your eyes peeled for it!