When we first got to meet Nashville artist Keyler Matthews he told us that his project as a solo artist “started a couple of years ago. I was in a band for a while & had a small deal. I learned a lot from that experience professionally & personally, but towards the end I had a lot of pent up creative energy. I like to say it’s a ‘passion project’ type of approach with my work as an artist. it’s my place to say whatever I want however I want & have fun with making music.

I moved to Nashville in 2011, got a scholarship to study audio engineering at the art institute, but dropped out 6 months in. I wanted to be a songwriter & I knew Nashville was the place to be. After juggling various project endeavors & side jobs I landed where I am now. With this solo project I feel like I have a sanctuary for free flowing creativity.”

Most of his songs – he continued – “start out as jokes. I try not to take myself too seriously, so I’ll say some sarcastic bit that kind of allows me to open up to say some of the heavier things that weigh on me.”

Well, they certainly sound real as so does his latest release “Try”

“‘Try’ is a sarcastic indie spin on the age-old dichotomy of effort versus ease. The lyrics gently poke fun at the idea that you have to put in effort in order to live a life of ease. 

Sonically, the track reflects this strange mix of emotions with an easygoing mid tempo feel, layered with guitars that draw attention to both harmony and dissonance as well as a gritty, but relaxed vocal.”