Photography Matty Vogel

You met Girlfriends before. They opened our interview with the starch statement “we are the best band in the world and we make out a lot.” 

It’s safe to say they got us hooked with their attitude as well as with their energy and adrenaline-infused music.

“I played a show with Travis when he was still T.Mills in OC and we kind of just stayed connected ever since. Until one day in 2019 when I was playing a show with Goldfinger and I made a story on my IG and Travis just dm’ed me saying ‘Dude let’s start a band!’”

And so they did! Their self-titled debut album came out in November of last year and was “an homage to all the bands that laid the foundations of this genre and that made us fall in love with this genre in the first place. With that record we wanted to take people back. With this one we want to push them forward and see if we can lay new foundations to redefine this genre ourselves!” Says Travis.

The pop-punk duo composed of Travis Mills (musical artist, Apple Music host, actor) and Nick Gross (Big Noise, Gross Labs, Find Your Grind) just released their latest single, “Tattoo”, via Big Noise Music Group LLC and is getting ready for a nationwide tour!

I wrote “Tattoo” right after I got my neck tattoo covered up,” explained Travis about “Tattoo”. “I had it done 14 years ago and wanted something different. The whole time sitting in that chair, I kept thinking about how I had not heard a song about getting an actual tattoo for someone and how it can either make or break a relationship.

I took the idea to the studio the next day and Nick and I wrote the song in 30 minutes. It was so fast. I love the idea of having a love song based around the concept of a tattoo. Most relationships don’t last… but a tattoo is forever.” Says Travis

To date, girlfriends has over 20 million streams. girlfriends also recently announced their first U.S. nationwide tour with MOD SUN and Tyler Posey. The 12-date “Internet Killed the Rockstar” nationwide tour will kick off in West Hollywood, California on September 9. The headlining, nationwide trek will run through the Fall, concluding in Dallas, TX on October 3. Shows have already sold out in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. 

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