In 2019, multi-instrumentalist Jason Navarrete (based in Portland) and Sony signed songwriter Jitta On The Track (based in LA) were introduced while collaborating on a commissioned project. The agreement was simple, the duo was to create music and visual assets to release under the hiring company’s moniker, ‘Yellow Trash Can.’ 

The company ran off without fulfilling their side of the contract and the duo decided to repurpose the ‘Yellow Trash Can’ title for themselves, regained the rights to their music, and dove head first into conceptualizing their own brand.

“Our project started when we were commissioned to make a decent batch of merch and an album for an artist.  Sadly enough, they decided to run off without paying us and we were left with music and clothing for a non-existent band “yellow trash can”.  So we claimed it as ours, and here we are.” The group reveals

Yellow Trash Can’s sound is a marriage of alternative rock and pop music fueled by nostalgia that is reminiscent of the late ’90s and early 2000s but never shies away from exposed narratives that fester within doom-and-gloom. Their musical icons include N.E.R.D, Modest Mouse,  Brand New, The Beatles, Nolan G and more.

We love creating nostalgia. Our goal with almost all of our tracks is to trigger folks into a nostalgic state.  Whether that’s with our aesthetic or sound. Our style is inspired by 90’s alternative kid’s, with a psychedelic twist. Mixed with a current modern feel.”

Their creative process is also unique.

”Considering we both live 2000 miles apart, it’s consistently sessions over face time, bouncing files and sending ideas back and forth until we get something we are stoked on.  Michael Cullen helps a ton with our aesthetic / branding.  He’s done a few of our videos and a lot of our cover art.” They explain

“Talk Nice to Me” is their latest release and it came about when “Jason and I wanted to make something for the jet ski’s, so we made a jet song. Vroom vroom. Mars played bass with me live and we built the track from scratch together. “

To young, aspiring artists they say “research, research and research. Any business, success is only accomplished when you understand exactly what you’re doing. I feel like a lot of artists aren’t really understanding how to actually spread awareness and are just trying to do what they see others do without any specific goals.  

Other advice is to develop a sound worth pushing, because it goes the same.  Lot of artists are just out here making music without any individualized branding.”
To the music industry execs they shout “we wanna see more musical CEO’s. More artist’s should be CEO’s.  More artists should be in the seat where they’re helping manage the actual process instead of just creating it and handing it off.  Feel like you’d see a lot more positive impact on the artist’s mental states rather than just financial states.”