Kevin Ross’s video for “Sweet Release” captures the inimitable essence of the modern woman – multi-hyphenate and defined by her endless well of strength, courage, and sensuality. 

Through intimate vignettes and carefully selected emblems of identity, the music video follows a woman as she lets go of the masks and captures her “sweet release” through sensual moments spent in a serene bubble bath, embracing her loving partner, and softly unraveling the layers of her identity until she is her true uninhibited self. 

Covering her eyes, she wears a blindfold that highlights words such as “Confident”, “Capable”, “Empowered” and “Queen”

“Everybody has a guilty pleasure or something to take them away from the daily monotony,” he observes. “It’s more so about escapism than it’s meant to be sexual or sensual. For me, the main key is the escape. If you’re riding in the car, you can play the song. It could just feel liberating like a cool breeze. This song is transformative in a sense. Wherever you are, it can be your soundtrack.”

Kevin Ross