Photo Credit: Eveline Johnsson

Rising Swedish pop artist Paula Jivén has released her long-anticipated debut EP, The Duality In Me, out now via Universal Music Sweden. On the coming-of-age record, Paula navigates finding closure with parts of her past while discovering her ever-growing identity. Showcasing both mature self-awareness and youthful playfulness, the EP captures Paula’s versatility as an artist, letting her boldest instincts take the wheel in building her creative vision.


“‘The Duality In Me’ is a time capsule of my youth,” shares Paula. “Today, I’m 18 years old and the EP has become a way for me to lock all of that in. I wrote the songs around the ages of 15 to 16 and they address the experiences that are part of growing up today. Mental health, bad friends, and self-discovery. These songs were written because I felt they were needed and my hope is that they can be there for whoever needs them.”