The band is already one of the buzziest to come out of the UK this year, gracing the cover of NME this month! The new EP has received support from Alternative Press, Nylon, Consequence, Paste, Ones To Watch and more. In addition to media, the female led group’s brilliant, melodic, grunge influenced-guitar music has also already won the support of Elton John, Beck, Karen O, Courtney Love and more.

 On Invite me, kindly (mixed by Alan Moulder (Wet Leg, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys)), the band harness the firepower of the grunge pioneers. With great songwriting and musicianship, they possess the imaginative brilliance to stake out a new landscape in guitar music. The young group is supporting Royal Blood on select shows in US, and will be playing two headlining shows of their own – one at LA’s Zebulon and the other at NYC’s iconic Mercury Lounge.  

 Invite me, kindly doesn’t sound like such a punk thing to say. What makes you and this record punk?

What makes HotWax punk is that I believe we stay completely true to ourselves. We are honest and intimate in our lyric writing and try to stay individual.

What’s the most representative track on the EP?

I’d say High Tea is the most representative of HotWax as it is grungy, freeing and heavy in the choruses, comes in with an immediate groove and goes into a more psychy, stripped down middle 8. 

Is there still room for punk in the current music scene?

Yes, we think punk has taken on a new meaning, it’s about staying true to yourself and being an individual.

How did you guys meet and decide to start a punk band?

Me and lola met in school when we were 12, we had been playing guitar for years before and desperately wanted someone to play in a room with. At school there weren’t many people who were into guitar music or bands, so finding each other was really easy. We automatically clicked musically and have developed together with our songwriting and playing styles to compliment one another.