Fashion student turns singer-songwriter. That’s what happened to Noah Jack and that’s all but boring! 

He is a 20-year-old fashion student turned producer-artist from the suburbs of Pennsylvania, whose genre-bending music has been likened to artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, The Kid LAROI, and Dominic Fike. 

Genre-bending producer-artist Noah Jack releases his new single and music video “ANGST.”

Hailing from the suburbs of Pennsylvania, the 20-year-old opens up about unrequited love with this upbeat sad-boy anthem.

The single is about overly investing in someone, to the point where “I wasn’t giving myself enough energy or time to grow. This song is about that realization and the leap of faith that I’m taking to make myself better.”

 “ANGST” is the second single off of Noah Jack’s debut EP, AMALGAMATION, slated for release this summer. The music video follows Noah running through various barren landscapes as he moves on from his past relationships to a better future.

Here’s a look into Noah’s background and career

Tell us about your transformation from fashion student to songwriter

I was super into design in high school and was taking every art course my school had to offer. I signed up for so many that I ran out of classes, and music production was the only one left, so I said “why not” and did it. About a week into the class I was hooked and using every study hall and ounce of free time I had to make music.

Who are you binge listening to at the moment?

My main influences at the moment are Aries and Brakence. I feel like it’s constantly changing, but I’ve loved these artists for quite some time.

Having dabbled in fashion you must have a solid grip on your aesthetics and visual, no?

For sure! My visuals are an over-exaggerated version of myself. I like to pull from my sketchbooks and past work, but I still do a lot of research and image pulling for references.

What do you like to portray in your lyrics and storytelling?

No particular person inspires my lyrics. I started writing poetry when I was in the fourth grade and that just kind of blossomed into lyrics later down the road. It’s a very fluid thing for me, like a thought will just pop in my head and I’ll recognize that it has the potential to be great subject matter for a song.

Favorite fashion trend or style?

I spent a semester studying menswear at FIT in Manhattan before taking music seriously, and my whole life revolved around fashion. People like whoisjacov and kai from Youtube fueled my interest in streetwear.

Top 3 dream collabs 

My big 3 have to be Kenny Beats, Dylan Brady, and Aries. They all go crazy with production, but in such a tasteful way. 

What is your favorite thing to do as an artist?

I love the level of involvement that I have behind the scenes, like helping on the visual side from album cover design to wardrobe for music videos. That being said, figuring out how the music production and lyrics fit together has to be my favorite thing to do with my time.

Any exciting projects for the future?

I have a few more singles that are coming out over the course of the next few months, and then I’m dropping my first EP “AMALGAMATION,” which I couldn’t be more excited for people to hear.