photo by Katie Silvest

Matilda expands on the track’s creation and its meaning, affirming that “I think it’s crazy, out of all the people in the world, you manage to find someone so perfect for you, hidden in plain sight. Jonah Summerfield, Anthony Rossomando and I wrote this song on the hottest day of the year, and all started to go a little crazy. I think it was the perfect time to make a sweet little love song that we could spend the summer nights dancing around to.

 Matilda’s situation is a prime example of sometimes the right person being right in front of you, as she sings “Some would say it’s obsessive, but I think it’s damn impressive, that I found you hidden in plain sight”

In Plain Sight’ follows Mann’s recent stunning release of ‘The Day That I Met You’. In both offerings, Matilda employs her unique delicate vocals and lyrical sentimentality to deliver what can only be described as a dreamy impression of her intimate feelings. This is certainly something that listeners can expect more of in her upcoming EP


What gave you the idea for ‘in Plain Sight? Anything happened in your life that inspired it?

It was the first summer I had spent with my boyfriend and I think I just had that idea of wanting to write a simple summer song. Something that just felt easy to listen to but also pretty.

I wanted an “end of the movie” song, where everything finally comes together and everyone’s happy ahahha.

What lyricists inspire your storytelling?

Lyrically, I am in awe of Adrian Lenka. Her lyrics are so descriptive, while creating that perfect rhyming scheme that sounds so satisfying.

Laura Marling is also a lyrical hero of mine. She always makes songs sound like that we’re personally written for each listener, and that’s something I’ve always tried to consider when it comes to how I phrase my songs.

 What’s your recipe for heartache and disappointment when it comes to relationships both romantic and non?

It’s always confusing and purely painful. Mainly because there’s not much you can do to instantly cure it. It’s all a matter of time. You’ll realise things you didn’t see before and you’ll allow yourself to feel a way you maybe never wanted to. 

I guess whatever it is you eventually need to feel and come to terms with, you will.

What was it like writing this song and developing it? Any memorable moments from that time?

 It was a suuuper hot day when we wrote it. We were all going a little crazy ahahah. Jonah and I had just met Anthony that day, and immediately all got along.

I think the song came really quickly to us, and we were able to record the foundation of the song the same day.

I was definitely in my acoustic/ folky headspace, so I knew I wanted it to be real instruments recorded.