The Los Angeles-based duo of musicians Franskiiz and Watrcup has thrived in fearless experimentation and intense personal exploration since first coming together in 2018. Under the moniker of Calabasas they’ve released “Voices” feat Marc E Bassy that has close to 1M views, “Morning Prayer” that has 1.1M views and  “The Mend”

Trinidad Cardona had a massive resurgence when his song “Dinero” started trending on Tik Tok last year and has over 60M views on Youtube. His song “Hayya Hayya (Better Together)” was also on the official Fifa World Cup Soundtrack. The video has over 103M views on Youtube. 



How did this moniker come about? 

Calabasas stands for Creating. Always Living. Always breathing. And Seeking a Sound. Both of us live in the San Fernando valley and the vibe of Calabasas just felt like the music we were creating. We were putting our own spin on what we thought others were creating just like the valley has its own spin on LA life.

What was the creative spark that made you realize you had to start a band together?

We had met a few times and created a couple records but it was probably our 3rd session we made something that we both agree is the most special record we ever did together just because it showed us what we could be and it actually became the song the led us to every opportunity we have now.

Tell us more about this collab with Trinidad and what you learned from it

Trinidad is a dope artist. The session was so quick and seem less he fit in right away and we all just did our thing. It felt effortless. That’s how we feel all music should be.

How did the track Gentle come about? Can you describe the creative process?

Trinidad laid down a freestyle and kept mumbling the word gentle then he came out and we wrote all that part together. Then we both put our verses down and it flowed. The majority of the song was done in like 2 hours.

What are some of the main themes you want to explore with this track?

Honestly this is just a feel good song. It’s a love song but gives u that energy like ur ready to take on anything. That’s what makes it special. It blends alotta vibes together from the lyrics to the production to the melodies; it’s a great crossover.

Just being in love I think is a great one. Like that moment where you know you met someone special and you hope they’ll take care of your heart as you will theirs.

How would you describe your own act in a word or two?

We are Yin and Yang we both bring such a unique skill set to the table and we have never tried to put a limit on a creativity. Both of us are forever wanderers and our curiosity leads us to some great places sonically.