The award-winning indie-pop band Sŵnami return with a brand new video and single ‘Be Bynnag Fydd’ (eng Translation: ‘What will be’). 

A follow-up from their previous Double A-Side  (Theatr//Uno, Cydio, Tanio) released last year that showcased Welsh language music to a brand new audience. The name – pronounced tsunami –  who write and sing in their native language are an indie-pop quintet who strive to produce something universal.

​​The second chapter of Sŵnami’s career continues with Be Bynnag Fydd –  a shimmering, progressive, and powerful offering to add to the band’s catalog. As the dreamy vocals of frequent collaborator, Thallo repeat the lyrics – “Whatever it may be, whatever it will be, you don’t have to hide from the world,” – the song’s message that there’s room to be different, it’s okay to feel lost sometimes, and that everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be.

“Be Bynnag Fydd” documents a journey to accepting my gender-fluid identity. It’s been a struggle at times. I’ve felt so desperate to fit in, I found it so hard to open up. But now, I’m happier embracing my nonconformity. I don’t have to hide who I am anymore. We felt it was essential to confront these feelings because I’m certain I’m not the only one who has felt this way.” 

Gruff Jones says

The video is a performance piece, portraying the emotions one goes through, struggling with Self-acceptance, embracing, accepting, and being welcomed and overwhelmed by your surroundings. We had a vision of what the video should look like, and had Linford Hydes, to express that with his beautiful movement and acting ability”. He adds