We have some major girl crush material coming your way with this week’s ‘What We’re Spinning’ playlist!

Talia Stewart produced, directed, released her music video for “Rat Race” off of her 2019 album Confessional

Rat Race is a condemnation of male dominance and a reclamation of power through compelling visual and sonic imagery – see the life-sized rat wheel, inevitably relentless beat, and haunting lyrics for reference. 

Anastasia Elliot blessed our ears with the first single off of her project rolling out this year. Crash Landing is a trauma-confronting power anthem that will be sure to leave you ready for her next release.

“The whole record will be coming out as singles,” she said. “I think the concept of an album now is a little bit outdated, especially as an independent when you don’t have millions to put behind marketing. I think drawing it out is going to be the best way to go.

You can use your content longer. I don’t think people have the attention span now to listen to an album top to bottom. It’s really important to me that people hear my album all the way through.”

Check out the rest of her recent interview with us from NAMM 2020. 

Additional features on this week’s ‘What We’re Spinning’ playlist include Do It For The Photos from Two Neighbors, Soul Flower by Noah Slee, and Little Lies from ODIE.