Disclaimer: I don’t know what makes me think I’m allowed to articulate my thoughts on these songs, seeing as how my repartee of articles and insights consists solely of the times I’ve gone on dates with people and then left them there, but here you go – our first What We’re Spinning for the return of socialization. There’s a bit of magic in the air, the sun is shining, and it feels like maybe everything might be ok.

Deep Sea Diver – The Foxies

This is the summer bop of my dreams. If you haven’t fallen dramatically in love with Julia from The Foxies (which I totally have), you will by the end of this track. 

It’s the kind of song that begs you to roll your windows down and breathe in the possibility of positivity – something we’ve been lacking for months now.  

Also, the next time I go to the beach (which, fingers crossed will be so soon), this is what I’ll be listening to. Repeatedly. Until it’s falling off everyone else’s lips as easily as it is mine. 





On the Line – San Cisco

My favorite musical juxtaposition is the whole “speaking hard truths but covering it up with an upbeat, bouncy beat” thing. It’s peak I’m Fine But This Is Totally Not Fine™ culture and I’m here for it. 








Moving Forward – Madsius Ovanda

After 10 weeks of quarantine, the world is starting to open back up – which is kind of strange. Some think it’s too soon and others think it’s about fucking time. 

I’m torn. I think we’re moving far too fast, but I’m also writing this while day drinking at a local patio bar. 

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, add this song to your favorites. 

Musically, the track flows between indie, pop, and slow, sensual R&B. It expresses something we all want right now: fluidity. Ease. Transiency. Always try to look ahead. Let the magic back in. 

And remember: you’re only as stuck as you allow yourself to be.



It’s strange. I’m dancing around the living room while lamenting: 


Could you love me? (love me)

One more time

Could you put it all (put it all)

On the line?

Patch it up, I think we’ll be fine


And even so, it fits. The idea of being knocked down, but nevertheless pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and moving on; the idea that the world around you may be crumbling but you’re keeping yourself held together with tape and glue. That’s the kind of people I surround myself with, and that’s the kind of music I gravitate toward.