Demobaza launches their AW23 Collection entitled ‘The Source.’  The new collection translates Demobaza’s essence of design aesthetics encompassing deconstructed shapes, asymmetrical lines and the brand’s signature natural earth color palette.  The collection is inspired by the power of the mind in juxtaposition with our lack of control.  

Concepts of urban warriors, city camouflage, and darkness are visited.  Using recycled and sustainable materials, the AW23 collection includes menswear and womenswear representative of the planet and of the human body through fossilized jackets, asymmetric outerwear, detailed knits, and padded layering.

DEMOBAZA is а high-end casual couture brand with a distinctive and instantly recognizable style – minimalistic and futuristic look, expressed through deconstructed silhouette- a uniform, built from raw, detailed elements. DEMOBAZA is a project beyond fashion, that works for the creation of the next dimension. This is the natural progress to a new vibration through galactic transition and enlightenment of the soul and the evolution of the human consciousness.

Its deep connection to nature, the universe, the inner world and all God’s creations bring transformation, awareness and awakening to our higher purpose. That’s why nature is widely present in our visual communication. We believe everyone can find its inner balance and core and hear the whisper of himself and the creator. Expressing the concept with multifunctional re-shaped creations leads to usage of natural and high-tech materials.

We spoke with Demo – founder and designer – about this collection and what inspired it

What does the name of the brand come from?  

Demobaza in the first sense of the word was a military base which has now been creatively repurposed into the place where Demobaza clothing is created. Demobaza is now a place of experimental prototypes, artistry, and humanity. The words ‘Demo’ and ‘Baza’ also have meaning in themselves; DEMO, being raw and experimental and BAZA, the base and foundation—a solid ground for building upon 

This collection is inspired by the desert, nature, nomadism etc. what drew you towards these elements as  inspiration? 

Yes, nature, nomadic adventure, and more specifically the desert takes a central focus throughout the entire brand and certainly in this new AW23 collection. Demobaza sees the desert as a place to find inner-peace and balance. The landscape’s emptiness brings clarity and organic strength. These ideas are carried out through the new collection– Each piece is an ode to this personal journey while highlighting the push and pull of earth’s elements, working against as well as alongside our humanity. 

How do you choose your materials and fabrics? 

All of our materials and fabrics are natural and are produced organically by certified producers all over the world. Each collection has its own story and creative direction of course, so the selection of the materials certainly follows each individual feeling and theme. For this AW23 collection, many of the materials are actually recycled. There are lots of knits this season– knitting is great and one of our favorite technologies to tap into, as it provides a great freedom to create textures with various thickness, feel, and ultimately vision. 

What is the main message of this collection? 

The main message and brand mission is the expansion and awakening of the human consciousness, breaking the boundaries of perception and allowing the reaching of that higher self awareness. For this AW23 Collection, The Source, we translated the brand’s essence of design aesthetics into deconstructed  shapes, asymmetrical lines and the brand’s signature natural earth color palette. The collection is inspired  by the power of the mind in juxtaposition with our lack of control. Concepts of urban warriors, city  camouflage, and darkness are visited. Using recycled and sustainable materials, the AW23 collection  includes menswear and womenswear representative of the planet and of the human body through  fossilized jackets, asymmetric outerwear, detailed knits, and padded layering. 

How did you get into fashion to begin with? 

We consider Demobaza to be a project beyond fashion – there is a worldview that comes along with it of perception and self awareness. That being said, the brand formed very organically between myself and co-designer Tono—in fact, it was at a summer afterparty in 2005. There was talk of vision and freedom and clothing and then we immediately sat on the floor with a sewing machine to create our first pair of baggy jeans– which we then hand-washed in the bathroom! After that, people started asking for the clothes– so we made it. But it all begins with one-off pieces which later evolved into greater series and collections. What it’s turned into is the futuristic and minimalistic style of Tono combined with my raw, and almost unfinished essence.

What are some of your favorite designers today? 

In general we are not following any specific designers. We actually do try our best not to see other designers’ works, so to not blur our own channel of creative vision. However, we can of course appreciate the work and the creativity of many talented people on our Earth and there are a lot of amazing creators out there that are pushing in their own unique directions—outside of fashion especially. If we have inspirations, they are usually connected with music, art, and architecture. 

What do you think is the status of fashion today 

We don’t like to speak on trends, but regarding responsibility and sustainability—we really hope we can achieve a full existence soon. This is very important to us and to the world.