Photography by Elena Cornila

Singer/songwriter EMINZADA is a multi-dimensional artist with an exclusive style and powerful mindset. Originally from Baku City, Azerbaijan, EMINZADA has grown up with diversity in abundance, living between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the US, before making his move to London. 

Paying homage to his classical background in music composition, his music explores notions of camp, lust and escapism, representing freedom of art expression and his homeland’s musical culture and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage beaming proudly throughout.


1. What do you think makes this song stand out?

This song is beyond genre. It’s borderless. 

Poetry is very literal yet sarcastic. 

2. What was the creative process for this track?

In terms of production, I pay close attention to even the tiniest mistake that may appear to be one. 

It had been a long and winding road. Pat, STKHA, and I worked tirelessly on the finer points of the mix to ensure that the middle eastern musical parts and alternative pop sounds blended seamlessly.

3. What inspired your lyrics?

My lifetime experience. My relationship with my family. My sense of humor. 

4. What message do you want to convey with this?

When you take an advantage from people make sure you benefit from them too so you can take an advantage from the same people again. 

5. What do you feel like when you listen back to this song?

Success. Pain is gone.