Photo by Natali Tzvetkova

Indie-pop singer/songwriter Laura Elliott has shared her second AWAL Recordings single in the form of “Spaceman” – a top-down love song about traveling around the entire galaxy searching for the person you love. The track can be streamed on all DSPs worldwide.

“Spaceman’ is a love story between an astronaut and an alien,” Elliott explains on the track. “It was one of the first songs that I’ve ever written completely for fun. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by love stories and outer space, so I thought writing a song about them would be the perfect opportunity to merge the two.”

Laura Elliott is a twenty-two year old singer-songwriter from a small suburb of upstate New York. Her thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies bring strangers together into a room filled with similarity. Aided by her folk influenced guitar melodies, Laura’s songs voice a sad truth to the way she shares her stories.