Enigmatic multi disciplinary creative collective known as Sagans, have employed the use of artificial intelligence technology, to create a stunning, otherworldly Blade Runner-esque music video metaverse for their latest single ‘Coherence’ due this June.

They say: “The first video is called ‘Coherence’ and it is about a city that is constantly changing and evolving. The video shows how the city changes over time, and how the character gets lost and adapts to the changes. The video is a mix of different styles using the latest AI algorithms, some latent diffusions but also using a neural-style transfer algorithm, similar to the algorithm used to create the ‘DeepDream’ images. It’s really interesting to see how the AI collective was able to create something so unique, definitely an interesting take on the cyberpunk genre.”

OUR MUNDANE OPINION: Utterly Unique & Otherworldly!

“This release is extremely important as this is the beginning of a new technological era for the music industry. When lots of artists and producers are pushing their music plugins to physical limits, we aim to push machine learning to something limitless, using the machine to go further, to think differently. The collaboration between human and machine is the future and we are proud to start something revolutionary with this first track”