“I am not a photographer, visual maker it’s more appropriate, I think.”

We couldn’t say it better. Multidimensional artist Frédérique Daubal is not your usual artist, and we’re all about that! 

Here at Mundane, we spend our days looking for unconventional artists and creatives, and we must admit, we found a few really dope ones so far. 

The latest on the list is Frédérique who is, in her own words, a “trained graphic designer but has constantly challenged such definition as I explore different creative fields in multiple areas.”

Currently residing in Paris, she lived in Montreal, London and Amsterdam, she “hasn’t lost her multidimensional talents as a graphic designer, visual artist & textile designer.”

Not hard to believe!

She defines her conceptual work as “infused with humour and irony and shaped from craft and recycling techniques. Most of my medium and fabrics are a reflection and taken from daily life and revolve around fantasizing around it.” 

A strong stylistic character is found implicitly in many of her series such as the concept of the mask, from hide and seek to overprint: Daubal hides the faces to emphasize what is happening behind them or to leave us free to interpret.

After working in advertising for a while, she had a major artistic epiphany that made her see things more clearly: “seeing all that money used for nonsense creating the esame stuff for stupid products, I started the kind of “overprint” trying to “disrupt” images, especially my own ones”

She is highly influenced by a lot of things: “Everydaylife. The news, kids, people, animals, nature. I’m definitely more into living creatures than objects, I am not really a materialist. I love Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle and surrealism”

When we asked her what’s the message and purpose of her work she simply says: “I like to portray political and social thoughts and ideas the way a child would. I just want to make you laugh or wonder because I know art doesn’t change the world but still it participates and helps thinking a little bit differently.”

Check out Frédérique’s website HERE