We’ve seen plenty of eclectic electronic and dance artists, DJs and producers but something about Brooklyn-based MIME caught our attention from the very beginning. 

His mantra is to make ‘no-genre’ music and avoid current trends. Authenticity at its finest. Gotta love that! His constant rise following his 2019 Electric Zoo debut saw him gather over 15 million streams independently and his variety of singles have been featured on Spotify Friday Cratediggers, Dance Rising, Pop Remix, Sad Beats, and East Meets West. 

His latest release is called YOUNG HEARTS and follows the December release of MIME’s debut LP, 20/20.

YOUNG HEARTS is MIME’s very own hybrid of house and pop, infused with a sense of introspection. Lyrics like “We were old souls with young hearts” also outline a sense of purpose in his messaging. 

The collaboration with GT_Ofice and the addition of award-winning singer-songwriter Linney’s vocals equals a buoyant slice of melodic electronic pop made of custom jazzy beats. 

YOUNG HEARTS was produced at MIME’s studio in Brooklyn NY, together with GT_Ofice, the second time the dynamic duo got together, following their previous single OUT OF MY HEAD, which has surpassed 1 million streams in less than one year of its release. 

“I felt like this was such a perfect track to bring in the new year, it’s innovative and energetic and Linney’s vocals are so powerful.”

As Linney elaborates on the meaning of the song, she says: “It’s once in a lifetime you meet someone who you connect with on a level that’s deeper than anything you can put words to. You’re pulled towards them like a magnet and your unanimous energy is undeniably creating its own universe. You dive in deeply rooted with fresh eyes. Old souls with young hearts.”

Since his 2019, MIME has released 27 new tracks – all under his own imprint AlterEGO, an independent label he started with his team. His connection with his NY fan base has also become stronger and deeper.

“I feel in the past year I have really been able to connect with my NY roots and the fans here, and it almost feels like we are all one big friend group that talks all the time,” said MIME. 

Here is what MIME had to say about all of the above

What is your musical background?

Growing up I came from a family who were in the food industry, so the furthest thing from music. I feel my love for music in general came from family parties I’d attend & always hearing freestyle music. My parents would play in the car when I was a child, as I grew older I was introduced to dance music which at the time was the dirty dutch sound, and As the years went by I gradually grew to love all kinds of music and eventually started to make my own.

When did you decide to become an artist?

As young as I could remember i would always perform shows for my family in my living room or bedroom and I would always feel this sense of excitement and happiness from performing that I had never felt before, as time passed and I grew older I realized that making music and performing was something I wanted to do, not only to bring me that feeling but to also give others a special feeling from the performance. 

Was there an event or specific moment that made your career turn around?

I feel like the moment I got an offer to play Storm festival in shanghai i was like ‘WOW’, something I started essentially for fun out of my bedroom actually somehow caught the attention of a festival in China, and at that moment I knew it could grow to become huge, serendipitous enough the same week I got that offer, I also met my current partner and manager now.

Who was your mentor?

In the start I really didn’t have one, simply because I didn’t know anyone who fully understood my vision and also anyone who was involved in the dance / music space at all, however now I’d say my mentor / coach would be my manager MJ, I feel we are on the same space creatively & I’m always learning so much from him.

What are your main artistic and creative inspirations?

It’s really hard to pinpoint one form of inspiration because I feel i get them from so many different spaces and most of the time at random times, however I love listening to all genres of music, as well as spending some days in the city or around nature, and then coming back to the studio and kinda taking that all and putting it into the music. I really don’t think about inspiration, I just let it come and put it directly into the music.

Top 3 artists you would love to collaborate with

Dua lipa, Becky Hill & Post Malone or The Weeknd

What inspires your work? 

I feel like being able to help someone and make them happy or think of a memory or moment because of my music is what seals the deal for me. I want to make music that will hold memories and moments to them, not just beats and lyrics.

How did the pandemic affect your creativity

I feel like the pandemic definitely gave me the ability to literally do nothing but lock myself in the studio and make music, so just naturally in the past year I’ve grown and learned so much, more than i have in 10 years that i’ve been making music, really got to express myself in new ways this year for sure.

Are visuals (music videos, content creation etc) a big component of your act?

For sure, with my MIME character I feel like video content is so vital, especially funny skits and random stuff that I do because I want people to understand MIME is a fun playful funny character, and I feel the best way to get that across is by video content

What kind of message would you say you are trying to push with your lyrics?

I feel like a big majority of my music is not the typical love song, rather the angle of the person who is not in love, the bad guy, so to say. I think this keeps things interesting for me, and I tend to just choose lyrics based on what’s in my mind, so if that’s how I am feeling then I guess that’s the message I want to get across, it changes every time.

What is 2021 going to look like for you?

In 2021 I’m kicking the year off with a massive Beatport livestream as well as my single YOUNG HEARTS together with GT_Ofice & Linney, hoping shows start happening again this way I can get on the road again, and perform. also just planning a ton of special collabs and singles through the year, There’s a lot to come.